Susan Hope Art



We all do it. It is automatic. It is life.

I Can See Clearly Now

We picked a name for this show last year and it seemed wonderful and far off. Life happened in fast forward and I realized that to pull it off I would have to intentionally focus my way to the goal. I anticipated a fast approaching deadline, and as you might imagine, had to calmly breathe.… a lot… and gratefully wait for the ideas to rise out of attention to the moment.

Sometimes the inspiration just wasn’t there. Sometimes the muse was missing. Sometimes the glass or the kiln didn’t cooperate. Staying focused was a challenge.The work for this show reflects my continued experimentation with glass as it is broken, fragmented, crushed and melted again and again. Working in this technique enabled me to

create more painterly images, unlimited colors and a variety of textures. It is a slow process. Each firing in the kiln can be as long as 24 hours and each piece is fired 4-6 times before they are cleaned and polished. 

I now see these ‘down times’ as the breath taken in the space between bursts of activity. It was good to have time to think and rest. In the silence of the kiln the many broken pieces of glass became fused into a whole piece again. Just as in my life, creation and healing happen in the quiet and rest as I patiently, intentionally…breathe.

Susan Hope Art