Susan Hope Art


Art is all about light and color. Out of all the diverse ways of capturing these elusive energies, I have found the medium of glass to be my favorite. Sometimes it can be the most challenging, considering the huge element of suspense before opening a kiln.

My work has evolved through many different glass techniques. I have found that my greatest gratification is what I call the ‘impressionisict glass mosaic’,  which is a bit like painting WITH glass. When I am melting glass together in the kiln or attaching pieces of glass to glass or wood, individual dots of color ultimately produce a recognizable pattern, image, landscape or sky. I work with glass in all sizes … from fine powder to large chunks. When fused or cast together, many layers of glass produce a depth of image that is difficult to achieve with other mediums.

When all is done, there is nothing more exciting than watching the sunlight have its way with the color particles. Pure joy.



BREATHE  exhibit 2023 video


MAKE ROOM FOR JOY exhibit video

Susan Hope Art